Audrey Holm
Assistant Professor of Management and Human Resources
HEC Paris

Related Research Interests

In my research, I primarily adopt an ethnographic approach to examine how individuals relate to their work, occupations and organizations. I have a particular interest in issues related to social change, inclusion and inequality. Research questions I have examined include how U.S. puppeteers’ experience of their relationships with audiences shape their understandings of expertise, and how they voice their concerns about poor working conditions. Current projects include asking how prisoner reentry counselors negotiate the boundaries around their work, and what kinds of support systems former prisoners mobilize in their transition from prison to employment. 

Related Publications

  • Anteby, Michel* and Audrey L. Holm* (2021). Translating Expertise across Work Contexts: U.S. Puppeteers Move from Stage to Screen.  American Sociological Review. 86 (2): 310-340  (*Equal contribution of authors)