The Positive Relationships at Work (PRW) microcommunity is a community of scholars dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of positive relationships in the workplace. Members of the PRW microcommunity are interested in:

  1. Studying how relationships at work can be a source of individual and collective growth, learning, and flourishing.
  2. Identifying the conditions, contexts, and behaviors that enable the creation and maintenance of human connections in the workplace.
  3. Building mutually supportive, positive relationships with others in the academic community.

The PRW microcommunity builds on the work assembled in Exploring Positive Relationships at Work (Dutton and Ragins, 2007). This edited volume brought together a select group of leading organizational scholars for the purpose of developing a foundation-setting book on positive relationships at work. This volume builds a solid foundation for this promising area of scholarly inquiry and offers a multidisciplinary exploration of how relationships at work become a source of growth, vitality, learning and generative states of human and collective flourishing.


The Positive Relationships at Work (PRW) microcommunity aims to develop and disseminate research on the theory, practice, and teaching of positive relationships in the workplace through the following means:

  • Assembling: PRW microcommunity members convene face-to face (e.g., Winter/Spring Meeting and annual meetings of the Academy of Management) and virtually during the year.
  • Informing: The PRW microcommunity maintains a listing of resources and opportunities (e.g., special events, research publications, special issues, teaching materials, awards) relevant to the study of positive relationships at work.
  • Bridging: The PRW microcommunity builds bridges across silos of scholarship, both within and outside of the field of management. By forming partnerships across levels of analysis, phenomena of interest, perspectives, and disciplines, the PRW microcommunity fosters an interdisciplinary approach to the study of positive relationships at work.

Steering Committee

Elana Feldman
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Kerry Roberts Gibson
Babson College
Emily Heaphy
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Sally Maitlis
University of Oxford
Beth Schinoff
Boston College
Stephanie Creary
University of Pennsylvania
Founding member of the Steering Committee
Kathy Kram
Boston University (Professor Emeritus)
Founding member of the Steering Committee

Microcommunity Liaisons 

Melissa Chamberlin
Community Liaison
Iowa State University
Lyndon Garrett
Community Liaison
Boston College
Kylie Rochford
Community Liaison
University of Utah
Roman Terekhin
Membership Liaison
Case Western Reserve University
Njoke Thomas
Community Liaison
Boston College

Please contact any member of the Steering Committee with ideas about how to enrich the Microcommunity and extend its impact. We would love to hear your suggestions!