Charlice Hurst
Assistant Professor
Organizational Behavior
Notre Dame
(519) 661-4292

Related Research Interests

One of my areas of interest is in how episodic interpersonal interactions influence peer relationship quality and the role of peer relationships in individual well-being and behavior. I focus, in particular, on the individual characteristics that influence interpersonal behaviors, cognitions, and affect. For instance, one collection of studies examines how coworker responsiveness to positive news disclosure and core self-evaluations are related to several interpersonal processes including feeling understood by peers, enacted and received citizenship behaviors, and alignment between self perceptions and coworker perceptions of oneself. Another project examines how weekly achievement and interpersonal events are associated with variation in self-concept and performance. A second, newer area of exploration is on how the time and attentional demands of work influence employees’ engagement with family, community, and society.