Cris Tietsort
Assistant Professor
University of Denver

Related Research Interests

My research examines how we can cultivate relational flourishing it work, largely centered around creating environments where individuals feel safe to express suffering and adequately receive compassion from peers and leaders. 

Related Publications

  • Tietsort, C. J., Tracy, S. J., & Adame, E. A. (2023). “You Just Don’t Talk about Certain Topics”: How Concerns to Disclose Suffering to Leaders Constrain Compassion at Work. Sustainability, 15(5), 4628.
  • Tietsort, C. J. & Leach, R. B. (2023). Compassion at the Margins: Increasing inclusion and belonging through compassion at work. In B. J. Van Gilder, J. T. Austin, & J. S. Bruscella (Eds.),  Communication and Organizational Changemaking for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Case Studies Approach. Routledge. 
  • Adame, E. A., Tracy, S. J., Town, S., Towles, M., Razzante, R., Tietsort, C. J., Kamrath, J., Clark, L., Tremblay, R., Pettigrew, J., Donovan, M., & Becker, K. (2021). Can we create the ‘being’ of leadership?: A mixed-methods study of two leadership pedagogies. Journal of Applied Communication Research.