Dave Luvison
Executive in Residence
Loyola University Maryland
(703) 608-7249

Related Research Interests

My initial stream of research focused on how individuals in different organizations worked together in strategic alliances to create effective outcomes. The more of this research I did the more I realized that interpersonal relationships were often the compelling reason that these alliances were successful. From that beginning my work expanded to look more broadly at the nature of collaboration, again with an emphasis on how individuals overcame the reluctance to work openly with others. This led to work trying to understand how individuals saw their roles relative to one another and how they ultimately began to align their interests. The current manifestation of this work is focused purely on the relational elements that foster high-quality and, ultimately, deep connections between individuals. I’ve had the opportunity to see that if these relationships are able to be built the level of shared success is great. Consequently, my current research focuses on the factors that make up deep relationships and what contributes to their development.