Pitshou Moleka
Managing Research African Network

Related Research Interests

Pitshou Moleka, PhD has extensive expertise in the fields of social work, theology, leadership, and workplace spirituality as a pastor, executive, and researcher. He holds a PhD in organizational leadership. He is a lecturer at the Botswana Bible and Training Institute (BBTI), a reviewer at the Academy of Management, an expert at the International Institute of Executive Careers Business School, the legal representative of Communité El Shaddai (a Missionary community), a member of the International Missionary Training Network (IMTN), and the national representative of MRAN (Managing Research African Network) in DR Congo.

Related Publications

1° The scientific foundation of Workplace spirituality: A multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, IMA, USA, 2023

Z° Masterminding Spiritual Intelligence and Management in Modern-Day Workplace. Game Cgangers, Botswana, 2021

3° A Consequential Approach to Incorporating Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace.
2021-11-20 | Preprint

DOI: 10.31730/osf.io/pcvbj

4° Is Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) or Spiritual Quotient an Intelligence? Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences analyzed.
2021-10-30 | Preprint

DOI: 10.31730/osf.io/2peqb

5° Bible and Spiritual Intelligence: Conceptual Analysis
2021-10-27 | Oth

DOI: 10.20944/preprints202110.0410.v1

6° Shalom Educational Model and the Paradigm Shift in the Social Work Training in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
2021-09-20 | Preprint

DOI: 10.31730/osf.io/u6x9c