Jean M. Bartunek
Robert A and Evelyn J Ferris chair
Professor of Management and Organization
Carroll School of Management
Boston College
(617) 552-0455

Related Research Interests

Since the late 1980s I have been particularly interested in relationships between academics and practitioners.  My interest in such relationships, in their contents and processes, has expanded over time.  This interest and its expansion are indicated in my co-development of insider/outsider team research (Bartunek & Louis, 1996) and several studies in which this approach has been implemented, my work with Sara Rynes on knowledge transfer between academics and practitioners (Rynes, Bartunek & Daft, 2001) and on how implications for practice in scholarly articles are written (Bartunek & Rynes, 2010) and my development of a “relational scholarship of integration” (Bartunek, 2007),

Related Publications

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