John W. Michel
Associate Professor of Management
Loyola University Maryland
(410) 617-5995

Related Research Interests

John broadly studies leadership and social connections in the workplace. In particular, his research focuses on how organizations can improve performance, well-being, and retention among employees through the development of supportive and collaborative relationships, the implementation of fun workplace practices, and an emphasis on servant leadership. Most recently, his research has focused on how building friendships at work can help to combat issues of loneliness, poor sleep quality, and emotional exhaustion plaguing employees today in an effort to improve employee well-being, commitment, and performance.

Published Research

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Stafford, K. (2020). Social support and turnover among entry-level service employees: Differentiating type, source, and basis of attachment. Human Resource Management, 59, 221-234.

Michel, J.W., Tews, M.J., & Allen, D.G. (2019). Fun in the workplace: A review and expanded theoretical perspective. Human Resource Management Review, 29 (1), 98-110.

Michel, J.W. (2017). Antecedents of organizational citizenship behaviors: Examining the incremental validity of self-interest and prosocial motives. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 24 (1), 385-400.

Michel, J.W., & Tews, M.J. (2016). Does leader-member exchange accentuate the relationship between leader behaviors and organizational citizenship behaviors? Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 23 (1), 13-26.

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