Leyla Sandler
Doctoral Student
University of Southern California
(757) 407-9040

Related Research Interests

My research is centered around compassion fatigue/compassion satisfaction, which is personal to me as a result of my lived experience of working within the child abuse sector for the last 20 years. My goal is to unleash the power of my story as well as countless others via an experiential approach utilizing community-based participatory research. Through my quantitative and qualitative research, the problem and solution landscape focused on the negative implications in hopes of obtaining positive implications. Therefore, I have taken the inverse approach and am creating a community of likeminded people and organizations to model the humanistic element of the work and the practice of shifting the paradigm to one of celebrating the workforce, focusing on the shared experience of purpose and meaning, the diverse individual identities of those that desire to be in the helping professions, elevating the internal voices, and reinstalling hope and healing. Research has also been conducted regarding leveraging technology, recognizing the fatigue of society in the constant exposure of human suffering, and the effects of the emerging methodology of visual social work, all while concurrently combatting isolation and stigma.