Minh Cao
Ph.D. Candidate, Organization and Management
University of California, Irvine
(949) 468-7352

Related Research Interests

My research broadly explores relationality, that is, the work of human connections. I study how people approach their daily work activities under the influence of their connections, relationships, and interactions with other people, including but not limited to colleagues, friends, family members, customers, and strangers. I employ qualitative and ethnographic methods in my research. Ethnography suits my type of intellectual curiosity and the type of questions that I tend to ask about people and organizations, which I summarize as: “How do human connections and interactions shape the work being done here?”

I am currently examining the intricacies of human connections as experienced by workers in two settings: (1) a college resource center specializing in supporting undocumented students (undocumented immigrants attending college and postgraduate programs) in the United States; and (2) two companies providing professional consulting services for international students applying to colleges in English-speaking countries.