Natalia Fey
Postdoctoral Researcher
BI Norwegian Business School

Related Research Interests

Natalia Fey is a final year doctoral candidate at the Department of Management and Organization and is a member of the Area of Strength Leading People for Growth and Well-being. at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. Natalia’s doctoral thesis explores innovative approaches to coaching for leadership development in emerging and/or little-studied local and global organizational contexts, such as self-managing organizations and international development organizations. In particular, Natalia takes a learning perspective on leadership development, and explores how innovative coaching approaches such as peer coaching and intercultural leadership coaching contribute to making leadership development more inclusive. In her doctoral research, Natalia Fey investigates the key active ingredients of peer coaching  and intercultural leadership coaching and the key mechanisms that make coaching work for co-workers, leaders and organizations. Natalia Fey is an active member of the AOM, EIBA, SIETAR and have received the IM division, AOM2021 best reviewer AWARD.

Related Publications

Fey, N., Nordbäck, E., Ehrnrooth, M., & Mikkonen, K. (2022). How peer coaching fosters employee proactivity and well-being within a self-managing Finnish digital engineering company. Organizational Dynamics, 51(3), 100864.