Ren Lovegood
Doctoral Student
UMass Boston

Related Research Interests

As an early career scholar, I am interested in how relationships impact people with disabilities in the workplace. Specifically, how can positive relationships impact the experience of people with disabilities and ally’s to ensure well-being, inclusion, belonging, and thriving at work? Although I am new to formal research as a first year PhD student, I believe that most organizational studies topics that relate to disability or research depend upon quality relationships in the workplace. I also believe that finding ways to promote the development of positive relationships can improve well-being of ourselves, our colleagues, and the populations we study.

Related Publications

  • Lovegood, R., & Dorado, S. (Forthcoming). “A Tale of Three Logics: Work-for-Charity, Rehabilitation, and Human Rights.” In O. Branzei & A. Zeyen (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Disability at Work. Routledge.