Ryan W. Quinn
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
University of Louisville College of Business
(502) 852-4873

Related Research Interests

My research focuses on the question of what people do to make a difference in and through their organizations I work out of a tradition that assumes that organized phenomena are constituted in communication, which means, that in order to make a difference, people communicate differently. It is this focus on communication that makes my research relational. When I study how people talk, I study how people find courage in their relationships, how relationships of power change, how people learn in relational settings, and how people come together, in relationships, to accept some ideas but not others. In fact, the reason I teach people to how to change their identities and psychological states as a way to change the world is because I see the world as fundamentally relational: we cannot change ourselves without changing others, and we cannot change others without changing ourselves.

Related Publications

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