S. Mercedes McBride
PhD Candidate
Case Western Reserve University
(714) 743-6914

Related Research Interests

I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation under the wonderful guidance of Dr. John Paul Stephens. It is a grounded theory approach to identifying how a building gets built in the face of tensions, competing narratives, and other deep divides. Emerging very strongly in the data is the depth of collaborative relationships that help move the project forward. It is timely to join such a group as the Positive Relationships at Work microcommunity to learn more about positive relationships at work, and hopefully in the near future be able to also contribute to the microcommunity. In full transparency, I am also an MOC Division Ambassador who has been asked to convey information about the In The Rough Series at AOM to the PRW microcommunity. There has been an extension for pre-registration and we would like to get the word out about this exciting opportunity to everyone who might be able to benefit from the PDWs. Thank you for your consideration of my membership in this community. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information.