Stephanie J. Creary
Assistant Professor
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
(215) 898-6391

Related Research Interests

My research focuses on conditions that foster a positive sense of self at work, improve the quality of interpersonal and intergroup relationships across difference, and promote change that is positive for individuals, groups, and their organizations. I classify the conditions I study as inclusionary strategies, which emphasize identity and boundary management in pluralistic/diverse environments.

Related Publications

  • Creary, S.J. & Roberts, L.M. 2017. G.I.V.E.-based mentoring in diverse organizations: Cultivating positive identities in diverse leaders. In S. Blake-Beard and A. Murrell (Eds.). Mentoring diverse leaders: Creating change for people, processes, and paradigms, Taylor & Francis.
  • Creary, S.J., Caza, B.B & Roberts, L.M. 2015. Out of the box? How managing a subordinate‚Äôs multiple identities affects the quality of a manager-subordinate relationship. Academy of Management Review, 40(4): 538-562.
  • Humberd, B.K., Clair, J.A., & Creary, S.J. 2015. In our own backyard: When a less inclusive community challenges organizational inclusion. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 34(5): 395-421.