Stephanie J. Creary
Assistant Professor
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
(215) 898-6391

Related Research Interests

Professor Stephanie J. Creary is Assistant Professor of Management and Faculty Fellow of the Coalition for Equity and Opportunity (CEO) at The Wharton School. Her research is focused on understanding how to create more inclusive workplaces and organizations. In one research stream, she studies how employees and leaders manage multiple identities at work and the impact on employees’ workplace experiences. In a second research stream, she examines contributors to and consequences of allyship behavior in the workplace that is intended to support professionals from historically marginalized groups. She has studied these dynamics in a variety of organizational contexts, including global companies, corporate board rooms, hospitals, yoga communities, and the US Army.

Related Publications

  • Creary, S.J. & Roberts, L.M. 2017. G.I.V.E.-based mentoring in diverse organizations: Cultivating positive identities in diverse leaders. In S. Blake-Beard and A. Murrell (Eds.). Mentoring diverse leaders: Creating change for people, processes, and paradigms, Taylor & Francis.
  • Creary, S.J., Caza, B.B & Roberts, L.M. 2015. Out of the box? How managing a subordinate’s multiple identities affects the quality of a manager-subordinate relationship. Academy of Management Review, 40(4): 538-562.
  • Humberd, B.K., Clair, J.A., & Creary, S.J. 2015. In our own backyard: When a less inclusive community challenges organizational inclusion. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 34(5): 395-421.