Walter Sowden
Doctoral Student
Personality and Social Psychology
University of Michigan
(734) 763-5146 (office)
(845) 857-5000 (cell)

Related Research Interests

I’m interested is examining the aspects of relationships within the organizational context that contribute to the good life (i.e., psychological and eudaimonic well-being). Broad topics of interest include human character, moral judgment, positive interpersonal relationships, enabling institutions, and the role emotion plays in all of the above. My current research focuses on understanding the complex, multifaceted construct of interpersonal loyalty.

Related Publications

  • Hannah, S.T., & Sowden, W.J. (2012). Leadership in the profession of arms. In M. Rumsey (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Leadership. Oxford University Press: New York.
  • Leavitt, K. & Sowden, W.J. (2010). Automatic ethics: what we take for granted matters. Military Review. Special Edition- September 2010, 86-89.
  • Doty, J., & Sowden, W.J. (2009). Character vs. competency, it must be both! Military Review. Vol. 89 (6), 69-76.