Yan Shen
Associate Professor
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria
(250) 721-6312

Related Research Interests

Yan’s primary research centers on careers, expatriation and repatriation, and developmental relationships across different cultures with a focus on individuals’ careers across cultures, mentoring, and expatriates’ developmental networks. She explores how individuals seek various types of career and psychosocial support from their networks and build high-quality relationships while living and working abroad.

Related Publications

  • Cotton, R., Shen, Y., & Livne-Tarandach, R. 2011. On becoming extraordinary: The content and structure of the developmental networks of Major League Baseball Hall of Famers. Academy of Management Journal, 54 (1): 15-46.
  • Shen, Y., Cotton, R., & Kram, K. E. (2015) Assembling your personal board of advisors. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(3), 81-90.
  • Shen, Y. & Kram, K. E. (2011). Expatriates’ developmental networks: Network diversity, base, and support functions. Career Development International, 16 (6), 528-552.