YeJin Park
PhD Student
NYU Stern

Related Research Interests

I study the effects of play on relationships and why this matters for inequality. I’ve run experiments that show how play improves intergroup relationships. I also examine relationships devoid of play, including psychological barriers that hamper people from leveraging relationships (e.g., help exchange) and mitigating pain in tie dissolution stages (e.g., ghosting). 

I have a separate research stream that examines how moral contexts help shed light on how to motivate people to care about inequality (pastors, theological messaging) and when it can backfire. 

My hope is to bring these two streams together to shed light on how people can use their relationships to reduce inequalities.

Related Publications

Park, Y.J., Nault, K.A., & Kuwabara, K. (In Press). “When Brokers Don’t Broker: Mitigating Referral Aversion in Third-party Help-exchange.” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.