Ying Zhang
Doctoral Student
Tsinghua University

Research Related Interests

As a first-year doctoral student, I have a keen interest in workplace loneliness, and further, relationship quality at work. Though workplace has previously been construed as a place of competition where positive and genuine relationships rarely exist, positive relationships are not only important for one’s career, but one’s wellbeing.

Recently, I have been working on my first-year term paper on workplace loneliness, which is a construct that describes interpersonal deficiencies in term of relationship quality and quantity. Moreover, one mediator of my theoretical model is relationship quality. Workplace loneliness, and relevant constructs like work isolation, work alienation, and work ostracism, are generally results of lacking positive relationships at work. To have a deeper understanding of workplace loneliness, it is imperative to learn more about positive relationships at work, which is an increasingly important and influential area in this new age.

Last year, I have finished a research draft on SWB and prosocial behavior which is under review on JBE. The research concentrates on the influence of positive emotions on Chinese floating population through the lens of broaden-and-build theory. Those micro dynamics and perspectives are intuitively motivating for me.