Najung Kim
Associate Professor
Kookmin University

Related Research Interests

Broadly speaking, my research revolves around the identity-related experiences of people who are going through transitions at work. I am particularly passionate about my dissertation which looks at the transitions in older workers (those around or at retirement age) as they re-enter the work force, enter new organizations, and/or take on new types of work. Although the focus is on older workers, I compare their work transition adjustment experiences with the experiences of workers of different age groups to understand the role of age in work-related and identity-related issues. As a component of my dissertation, I explore the role of relationships on identity change in a multigenerational workforce. I draw upon my qualitative field experience for my dissertation. However, some of my other projects involve quantitative methods as well (e.g., content analysis, survey design).

I am a hardcore “J” (one of the dimensions of the Myers-Briggs type indicator) and clearing the mind through daydreaming has always been a challenging task. However, I recently learned that I could space-out for hours while observing the clouds in the supine position.