Brianna Barker Caza
Associate Professor
University of Manitoba

Related Research Interests
Brianna Barker Caza holds dual appointments as a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University and as a Research Assistant Professor in the Schools of Business at Wake Forest University. She earned her doctorate from the University of Michigan and has previously held a faculty position at the University of Illinois. The overall aim of her research program is to understand the resources and processes that produce resilience at work. Within this framework her work falls into three interrelated streams of research. The first examines how individuals perceive, experience and react to adversity or setbacks in the workplace. This includes understanding how they make meaning of work crises, interpersonal conflict, incivility, and organizational (in)justice. The second stream of research focuses on the construction of individual and social resources that are used in creating functional responses to this adversity. Important resources include work identity, perceived meaningfulness, creativity, relational capabilities, and social support. Third, she examines the processes that foster resilience including cognitive flexibility, behavioral adaptability, and meaning re-construction.

Related Publications
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