Dan S. Chiaburu
Independent Researcher

Related Research Interests

Dan S. Chiaburu is a social psychologist who has held academic and applied positions in Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington-DC. She has directly experienced the impact of transgender transformations and gender-related challenges in her country of origin (Republic of Moldova) several decades ago, and her research has focused on gender issues, gender roles, and gender stereotypes.

Related Publications
  • Chiaburu, D. S., Harris, T. B., & Smith, T. A. (2014). Ideology and gender: Observers’ system justification and targets’ gender. Journal of Social Psychology, 154, 283-298.
  • Chiaburu, D.S., Sawyer, K., Smith, T.A., Brown, N. & Harris, T.B.  (2014). When civic virtue isn’t seen as virtuous: The effect of gender stereotyping on civic virtue expectations. Sex Roles, 70, 183-194.
  • Chiaburu, D. S., Kissack, H., & Schmid Mast, M. (2013). Keeping women in their place? The joint influence of target gender and interpersonal hierarchy expectations. In D. Svyantek & K. Mahoney (Eds.), Received Wisdom, Kernels of Truth, and Boundary Conditions in Organizational Studies. Information Age Publishing (IAP), Charlotte, NC.
  • Chiaburu, D. S. & Gray, B. (2008). Emotional incompetence or gender-based stereotyping? Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 44, 293-314.