Dana Sumpter
Associate Professor
Pepperdine University

Related Research Interests

My research employs a cross-cultural lens in understanding social behavior at work, studying topics including energy, mindfulness, power, and work relationships. I’ve published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Resource Management, Organizational Dynamics, and Perspectives on Psychological Science. In addition, I’ve written several book chapters, for the Long Beach Business Journal, and have been quoted in HR Magazine.

My research has received grants from the Center for Innovation Research in Cultural Intelligence and Leadership, and the Center for Organizational Research. I’m a co-founder of the Mindfulness at Work micro-community of scholars, and am a member of the Positive Relationships at Work micro-community of scholars (both through the Positive Organizational Scholarship community). Previously, I was a Vice President of HR at Citigroup, based in New York and Singapore. Across 10 Asia-Pacific nations, I led live executive trainings and coached executives on HR and people management skills.

I am curious about work relationship processes, including the dynamics of how positive work relationships are formed, nourished, and maintained; how less-than-positive relationships are tolerated, improved, or repaired; and the interpersonal processes (including interactions) that provide the grounding for long-term work relationships. As a qualitative scholar, I seek understanding of more inductive and exploratory research questions related to work relationships.

Related Publications

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