Elizabeth Hansen
Doctoral Student
Joint Program in Sociology and Organizational Behavior
Harvard University
(617) 460-4929

Related Research Interests

My interests are in the institutional and organizational conditions that promote meaningful work and humane workplaces. I recently completed a year-long ethnographic study of how organization-level meanings influenced patterns of conflict and collaboration among pitch teams at a digital advertising agency. With Leslie Perlow and Melissa Mazmanian I am exploring how professional service teams can manage their collective temporal resources to create stronger relationships between team members and enhance the quality of their work. And with Lakshmi Ramarajan, Leslie Perlow, and Melissa Mazmanian I am investigating how micro-supports for personal disclosure can support the development of relationships on software development teams that cross geographic, temporal, and status divides. My dissertation will explore how urban and historical forces help maintain meaningful relationships on the shop floor of a manufacturing plant.