Eriselda Danaj
PhD Candidate
IESE Business School
(346) 662-8798

Related Research Interests

I completed my dissertation in 2019 in the Department of Public Policy at Tel-Aviv University. In my dissertation, I tried to enhance our understanding on how does inclusive leadership facilitate employees’ intrapreneurial behaviors and the mediating role of psychological availability and regulatory focus. The research adopts a relational leadership theory to guide and integrate research on inclusiveness, regulatory focus and work engagement to develop and test a mechanisms model that explains why inclusive leadership facilitates intrapreneurial behaviors. The research was conducted in the public and private sectors.

I am interested in how workplace relationships and particularly how positive relations and relational leadership, may be a source of psycho-social conditions for proactive behavior such as intrapreneurship, innovation, creativity, and helping behavior, as well as their implications for work outcomes in organizations.