Jeffrey Yip
Assistant Professor
Claremont Graduate University

Related Research Interests

My primary research is in the areas of leadership, mentoring, and interpersonal effectiveness.  My ongoing research includes empirical studies on : (1) the role of implicit assumptions and positive emotions in developmental relationships, (2) the effects of felt isolation on executive performance, and (3) the relational antecedents to ethical leadership. At Claremont Graduate University, I teach a graduate course on positive work relationships, integrating developmental perspectives, such as attachment theory, with insights from positive and organizational psychology.

Related Publications

  • Chandler, D.E., Kram, K.E., & Yip, J. 2011. An Ecological Systems Perspective on Mentoring at Work: A Review and Future Prospects. Academy of Management Annals, 5, 519-570.
  • Gentry, W. A., Yip, J. & Hannum, K. H. 2010. Self-observer rating discrepancies of managers in Asia: A study of derailment characteristics and behaviors in Southern and Confucian Asia. International Journal for Selection and Assessment, 18(3), 237-250.
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