Joyce K. Fletcher
Distinguished Research Scholar
Center for Gender in Organizations
School of Management
Simmons College
(617) 557-4433

Related Research Interests

My research interests are in things relational. Primarily, I have used the work of Jean Baker Miller and Irene Stiver (Stone Center Relational Cultural theory) to apply a growth-in-connection model of human growth and development to organizational settings. In recent years the role of relationships in organizational life has gotten more and more attention and I have found myself drawn to work on relational coordination and relational leadership as well as relational models of organizational change.

The issues that continue to intrigue me in this work include:

  • The role of affect in relational interactions, i.e. what does love have to do with it?
  • The role of power, i.e. how does one establish growth-in-connection conditions in contexts of unequal power (race, gender, organizational role, etc.)
  • The role of gender at the societal level, i.e. how does the fact that things relational have traditionally been associated with the feminine and the private, family sphere of life influence the effort to bring them into the public, organizational sphere and influence the experience of men and women in enacting growth-in-connection relationships in the workplace.

Related Publications

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