Kyle Ehrhardt
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Denver

Related Research Interests

Kyle Ehrhardt is an assistant professor of management at the University of Colorado Denver Business School. His research focuses on workplace relationships and their influence of a variety of work and non-work outcomes. Additionally, he has interest in the effects of workplace relationships within the context of diversity related topics.

Related Publications

  • Ragins, B.R., Gonzalez, J., Ehrhardt, K., & Singh, R. (in press). Crossing the threshold: The spillover of community racial diversity and diversity climate to the workplace. Personnel Psychology.
  • Ehrhardt, K., Shaffer, M., Chiu, W.C.K, & Luk, D.M. (in press). “National” identity, perceived fairness, and organizational commitment in a Hong Kong context: A test of mediation effects.  International Journal of Human Resource Management.