Laura M. Giurge
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
London Business School
+31 639 506 307

Related Research Interests

Broadly, my research examines time, engagement, well-being, and the future of work. I also study power, prosocial behavior, and decision-making. The ultimate goal is to help people work smarter and live happier and healthier lives.

Related Publications

  • Giurge, L. M., van Dijke, M., Zheng, M. X., & De Cremer, D. (2019). Does power corrupt the mind? The influence of power on moral reasoning and self-interested behavior. The Leadership Quarterly.
  • Zheng, X., Van Dijke, M., Leunissen, J. M., Giurge, L. M., & De Cremer, D. (2016). When saying sorry may not help: Transgressor power moderates the effect of an apology on forgiveness in the workplace. Human Relations, 69(6), 1387-1418.