Natalie A. Shefer
Doctoral Candidate
Tel Aviv University
Recanati Business School
Organizational Behavior Department

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040,
Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
(972) 364-09087

Related Research Interests

Natalie Afota-Shefer is a 2nd year doctoral student (PhD Candidate) at the Recanati School of Business – Tel Aviv University- Israel. I am currently working on my dissertation proposal in which I try to enhance our understanding on respect in work relationships.

My primary research interest is workplace relationships. In my dissertation, I attempt to identify the cognitive and affective mechanisms that underlie the influence of respect on employee work behaviors as well as on team outcomes. In particular, I am interested in how interactions in a respectful way shape conceptions about future and past events, and influence mindfulness and learning agility, as well as work performance. My research combines a mixed-method approach (i.e., lab and field research) to test these hypothesized relationships.