Anthony Silard
Assistant Professor
California State University, San Bernardino

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Twitter handles: @Anthony Silard, @LeadGlobalOrg, @LeaderNonprofit

Related Research Interests

I have researched and taught leadership to Fortune 500 CEOs and senior executives for the past twenty years before joining academia, and am broadly interested in how leaders develop (and facilitate the development of) relationships in organizations. I am particularly intrigued with and researching:

  • How leaders manage their emotions and the emotions of their followers, with an emphasis on “leader emotion juxtaposition”―how leaders contrast various emotion dimensions (e.g., positive versus negative affect, emotion expression versus suppression, high- versus low-intensity emotions) to produce positive follower outcomes
  • Loneliness in organizations―Why does it exist and what can leaders do to moderate it
  • The effects of technology-mediated communication on “high-quality connections” (Dutton & Heaphy, 2003; Stephens, Heaphy, & Dutton, 2011) between organizational actors, and what leaders can do to moderate this effect

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