Rajashi Ghosh
Associate Professor
Adult Learning & Leadership (ALL), Department of Organization and Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University

Related Research Interests

I am currently an Associate Professor of Adult Learning & Leadership (ALL) in the Department of Organization & Leadership in Teachers College, Columbia University.

My background is in adult learning and development. I teach, publish, and conduct research to promote continuous learning and development of adults in workplaces. Prior to entering academia, I worked as an Assistant Manager in Human Resources in a mid-size organization in India. My work experience in the areas of employee development inspired me to complete my doctorate in Human Resource Development (HRD) from the University of Louisville, Kentucky. I joined the HRD program in Drexel University’s School of Education as a tenure track faculty member in September 2009 and got tenured in September 2015. Since receiving tenure, I have served in significant leadership roles in Drexel University including Program Director for Ph.D in Education (2016-2019) and Department Chair for Policy, Organization, and Leadership (POL) department from 2019 to 2023. I also served as Provost Fellow at Drexel University and as the Drexel Solutions Institute Fellow.

My research aims to explore how different developmental initiatives (e.g., mentoring, coaching, leadership development) can facilitate workplace learning and development through building inclusive relational spaces and countering the prevalence of workplace incivility. My work is inter-disciplinary, as evidenced by the different awards I have received. Specifically, my dissertation was recognized by the 2010 Dissertation of the Year Award from the Workplace Learning Special Interest Group (SIG) of American Educational Research Association (AERA) and my work applying adult development theory to leader development and mentoring was honored by the 2010 Best Paper Award in Management Education and Development division of Academy of Management (AOM). More recently, I have been recognized by the 2016 Early Career Scholar Award at the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD), the 2015-16 Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar Achievement from the Office of Provost at Drexel University, the 2018-19 Provost Fellowship at Drexel University, the 2020 Drexel Solutions Institute Fellowship with the Office of Provost, 2022 Mid-career Research Award from Drexel School of Education (SoE), the 2021 National Science Foundation (NSF) Mid-Career Award (MCA) grant, and the 2022 AHRD Wayne Pace Book of the Year Award for my recently co-edited book, Connecting and Relating at Work: HRD Perspectives on Developmental Relationships.

Scholarly Interests

 My scholarly interests include developmental relationships, leader development, and workplace learning.


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