Robert (Bob) Easton
Doctoral Student; Doctor of Management Design Fellow, Fowler Center for Sustainable Value
Case Western Reserve University
Senior Managing Director, Accenture
(609) 731-7925

Related Research Interests

My research interest is to further our understanding of flourishing organizations by initially conducting research on how people experience flourishing in work organizations. I define the flourishing organization as “one that is full of life and goodness, where people are inspired every day to bring their whole selves into the organization; where innovation arises from everywhere (inside and outside the organization); and where remarkable relationship value is realized with external stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, communities and the biosphere”. The findings of my initial qualitative work, using grounded theory to conduct interviews at eleven US based companies (five private, and five public), will inform development of a theory on flourishing organizations and how to measure such. I will follow this by constructing and testing a multi-dimensional measure of organizational flourishing in a subsequent study. This is important because existing measures are deficit based and as such they are focused on achieving a normal state of functioning measured by an absence of dysfunction. Flourishing is the state where organizations, people and communities are striving to be the best they can be or to achieve the highest state of functioning.

In addition to flourishing organizations Bob has a deep research interest in the connection of trust and to well-being and completed his capstone project for his Masters of Applied Positive Psychology on Trust and Well-being. Bob was recently named on the 4th annual top thought leaders in trustworthy business list, published by Trust Across America – Trust Around the World,

His essay “Creating a Positive Deviance of Trust” was published as the conclusion in the book “Trust Inc: Strategies for building a company’s most valuable asset”

While Bob is completing his PhD and research as a private student, he is uniquely qualified to study organizational flourishing. In his professional life Bob is a Senior Managing Director at Accenture where he has worked for over 17 years helping consulting to global corporations