Sangok Yoo
Assistant Professor
The University of Texas at Tyler
(612) 458 – 8525

Related Research Interests

In my dissertation I focus on employee’s experience of tensions and how that affects their well-being and workplace bI am an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Development at the University of Texas at Tyler. I received a PhD in Human Resource Development at the University of Minnesota in 2020. My dissertation, The Effects of Expertise Diversity and Task Interdependence on Project Team Effectiveness, received the 2021 ATD Dissertation Award. My research agenda focuses on learning and creativity in the workplace, broadly questioning “How do team members with different backgrounds interact with each other to learn and produce creative outcomes?”. Particularly, my approach to address this question includes leadership and task design factors that enhance the learning of employees and contribute to thriving workplaces.

Representative Citations

  • Jang, S., Yoo, S., Lee, J., & Lee, Y. (2022). Serving for thriving: A moderated mediation analysis on the relationship between servant leadership and thriving at work. Personnel Review, Advanced online publication.
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