Sarah Wright
Senior Lecturer
Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
College of Business & Law
University of Canterbury
+64 3-364-3570

Relevant Research Interests

My research interests are in social relationships in the workplace. My research agenda has focussed on loneliness in the workplace but more recently I have been working on research projects examining the psychosocial factors that create high-performing and low-performing teams in organizations. My current research interests therefore focus on organizational factors that promote positive working relationships in organizations.

Related Publications

  • Cooper-Thomas, H.D. and Wright, S. (2013) Person-environment misfit: the neglected role of social context. Journal of Managerial Psychology 28(1): 21-37.
  • Wright, S. (2012) Is it Lonely at the Top? An Empirical Study of Managers’ and Nonmanagers’ Loneliness in Organizations. The Journal of Psychology 146(1-2): 47-60. (Journal Articles)
  • Lips-Wiersma, M. and Wright, S. (2012) Measuring the meaning of meaningful work: Development and validation of the comprehensive meaningful work scale (CMWS). Group Organization Management 37(5): 655-685.