Jessica R. Methot
Associate Professor
Rutgers University
(848) 445-1112

Related Research Interests

Jessica R. Methot, PhD is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. She conducts research at the intersection of interpersonal workplace relationships and social network dynamics, including the multidimensionality and temporal dynamics of workplace relationships, how formal HR practices transform informal social networks, and the functional and dysfunctional consequences of workplace friendships.

Her work in these areas has been published in leading academic journals including the Academy of Management Review, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, and Human Resource Management Review; her research has been featured in popular media outlets such as Harvard Business Review, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, USA Today, Fast Company, and NY Times Magazine; and she frequently presents to and consults for audiences at a variety of corporations and professional organizations on topics ranging from managing organizational networks to the digital HRM transformation.

Related Publications

  • Methot, J. R., Rosado-Solomon, E., & Allen, D. (2018). The network architecture of human capital: A relational identity perspective. Academy of Management Review.
  • Methot, J. R., Melwani, S., & Rothman, N. B. (2017). The space between us: A social-functional emotions view of ambivalent and indifferent workplace relationships. Journal of Management, 43, 1789-1819.
  • Methot, J. R., Lepak, D. P., Shipp, A. J., & Boswell, W. R. (2017). Good Citizen Interrupted: Calibrating a Temporal Theory of Citizenship Behavior. Academy of Management Review, 42, 1-22.
  • Methot, J. R., LePine, J. A., Podsakoff, N. P., & Christian, J. L. (2016). Are workplace friendships a mixed blessing? Exploring tradeoffs of multiplex relationships and associations with job performance. Personnel Psychology, 69, 311-355.