Shelley Brickson
Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests

My work addresses the interface between identity and relationships at multiple levels of analysis. This is a rich intersection because our identities shape how we relate to others. Meanwhile, our relations with others also help to define who we are.

Two streams of my research pertain to individual-level relationships. In one, I consider how individuals’ identities influence their interactions with those who are demographically different from themselves. I am particularly interested in how viewing oneself as a relationship partner (relational identity orientation) seems to foster especially generative interpersonal and intergroup dynamics. In the other stream, I consider the role of organizational identity in shaping interpersonal (and intergroup) dynamics that arise within organizations.

In addition, my research addresses relationships at other levels of analysis – the employment relationship and interorganizational relationships. In particular, it considers how organizational identity shapes these relationships.

My teaching also focuses heavily on relationships. In my Negotiations class, we talk extensively about negotiations as a relationship building exercise. We consider forms of communication that engender positive interpersonal dynamics and, ultimately, problem solving and value creation. In my Leading for Impact class, we spend the bulk of the class exploring distinct, but positive, approaches to managing relationships at different levels of analysis (interpersonal relationships, the employment relationship, interorganizational relationships). Ultimately, we come to appreciate that positive relationships are at the absolute core of having a positive impact

Related Publications

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