Škerlavaj Miha
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour
BI Norwegian Business School

Adjunct Associate Professor of Management and Organization
Faculty of Economics
University of Ljubljana

Blog: http://www.mihaskerlavaj.net
Website at FELU
+47 46410247 (cell)

Related Research Interests

My research interests mostly revolve around understanding how people at work learn, create, and innovate. In this line, I came to work on the topics of organizational learning, implementing individual creative ideas into innovations, knowledge hiding, and social networks. My methodological approach is mostly quantitative and a multilevel one that spans from individuals, to dyads, teams and intra-organizational (networks). In adition to understanding these phenomena at work, I am also curious to know what are possible interventions that can help organizations improve relationships at work. Hence, my choice of moderators stems from e.g. motivational climates, organizational culture, cultural intelligence to various leadership tools.

Related Publications

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