Beth Schinoff
Assistant Professor
University of Delaware

Related Research Interests

My research lies at the intersection of identity and relationships. I see relationships as a central context through which individuals organize and in which they experience organizational life. I am particularly interested in voluntary relationships, such as friendships, and also in how the dynamics of these relationships influence how individuals see themselves and their organization.

Related Publications

  • Schinoff, B. S. 2017. Can we be coworkers and friends? An inductive study of the experience and management of virtual coworker friendships. Published dissertation. Arizona State University.
  • Ashforth, B.E., Schinoff, B.S., & Rogers, K.M. (2016). “I identify with her,” “I identify with him”: Unpacking the dynamics of personal identification in organizations. Academy of Management Review, 41: 28-60.
  • Masterson, C.R., Corley, K.G., & Schinoff, B.S. (2016). Innovation through collaboration: Working together on data analysis and interpretation. In R.M. Kramer & K.D. Elsbach (Eds.), Handbook of Innovative Qualitative Research Methods: Pathways to Cool Ideas and Interesting Papers: 331-340. New York: Routledge.