Amy Wrzesniewski
Professor of Organizational Behavior
School of Management
Yale University
(203) 432-5979

Related Research Interests

I am a scholar of the meaning of work. My interest is largely in what shapes the ways in which people make different meaning of their work and the implications of this for them as individuals and for the groups and organizations of which they are a part. My work is focused on relationships as well, insofar as the interactions and ties we have with others inform meaning, connection, and meaningfulness in work.

Relevant Publications

  • Dutton, J. E., Debebe, G., & Wrzesniewski, A. (Forthcoming). Being valued and devalued at work: A social valuing perspective. Qualitative Organizational Research: Best Papers from the Davis┬áConference on Qualitative Research, Volume 3, Information Age Publishing.
  • Bartel, C. A., Wrzesniewski, A., & Wiesenfeld, B. (2012). Knowing where you stand: Physical isolation, perceived respect, and organizational identification among virtual employees. Organization Science, 23, 743-757.
  • Wrzesniewski, A., Dutton, J. E., & Debebe, G. (2003). Interpersonal sensemaking and the meaning of work. Research in Organizational Behavior, 25, 93-135.