Pat Sniderman
Professor and Chair Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour
Ted Rogers School of Management
Ryerson University
(416) 979-5000, extension 6751

Related Research Interests

I became interested in researching supportive and non-supportive managerial communication after teaching business students about it for many years using Whetten and Cameron’s powerful “eight attributes” model.  I am interested in the emotional impacts of relational leadership, the quality of the manager-employee relationship, and the dynamics between managers and employees especially during difficult conversations. I have explored these dynamics using the concept of confirming and disconfirming communication and I want to discover more about the underlying mechanisms and the power of positive managerial communication.

My hope is that my research will help create more awareness of the importance of positive managerial communication and employee relationships and that it can be used to train managers. I have a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from York University (Canada) and a PhD from the Open University (UK). Prior to becoming an academic I worked in industry for 10 years as a human resources and organization development director. In addition to thirty years of teaching I have been an organization consultant and trainer in the areas of team building, interpersonal communication and organizational development.

Relevant Publications

  • Sniderman, P. R., Fenton O’Creevy, M. P., & Searle, R. H. (2016). Negative Managerial Communication and Emotion: The Influence of Relationship Context and Employee Personality, Journal of Managerial Psychology, (forthcoming).
  • Sniderman, P. R., Bulmash, J., Nelson, D.L., & Quick, J.C. (2010). Managing Organizational Behaviour in Canada, 2nd Ed. Thomson Nelson, Toronto.
  • Rosman, P. R. & Burke, R. J. (1980). Job Satisfaction, Self-Esteem and the Fit between Perceived Self and Job on Valued Competencies, Journal of Psychology, 1980, 105, 2, p. 259-269