Karim Ginena
Doctoral Candidate
Darden Graduate School of Business
University of Virginia

Related Research Interests

My research interests span two key streams that broadly focus on effective team leadership practices and ethical decision-making. With respect to leadership, I aim to understand how team leaders can increase positive interdependence between themselves and their team members and use this relationship to foster more successful teams.

One of my current projects with Kristin Behfar and Randall Peterson examines team leadership practices across multiple cultures and how team leaders construe the power distance value. An accurate understanding of how employees with different ethnicities construe the power relationship with leaders is important because it helps scholars and practitioners comprehend how this value promotes or inhibits different behaviors at work. At a time when organizations operate globally and people immigrate to and work in nations such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, team leaders are expected to successfully manage a multi-cultural workforce. This research on power distance helps clarify the expectations that members hold concerning dyadic interactions with their leader in an attempt to generate new insights into how team leaders from different societies yield and share authority. One of my other projects examines the meaning of loyalty within teams and how it contributes to team success or failure.